Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's Your Favourite?

Joseph has a new thing, he likes to constantly ask me what my favourite thing is.  Most of the time I think it's a ruse to get me to admit which of my children I prefer, but I am always a step ahead of him and reply before he finishes the sentence (obviously I say his sister...  joking, I don't really).

However, because he's got wind of me getting wind of him he's decided that he'll quickly switch it up and add on a random item that I have to choose my favourite from.  Here are some of my favourite 'what's your favourites?' and my honest and sometimes sarcastic replies.

What's your favourite breakfast?

Full English fry up with hash browns

What's your favourite 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' character?

I don't know son, I don't watch it.  And it's who's your favourite Jake and the Neverland Pirates character!

What's your favourite socks?

The ones on my feet

What's your favourite colour pencil?

The yellow one

What's your favourite thing to do?


What's your favourite drink?

Wine of course!

Obviously! But aside from wine, what's your favourite?

There is no aside from wine!

What's your favourite time?

10 past nine in the morning

What's your favourite donkey?

Erm, I'm not that knowledgeable about different breeds of donkey, what's your favourite donkey?

Donkey Kong!

What's your favourite donkey?