Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Burglaries and Broken Ovens

It is fair to say that we’ve not been experiencing the best of luck at the Casa Very Bored of late.  Two weeks ago we were burgled, with anything small and electrical whooshed out of our homes and lives forever in under an hour. 

Somehow t´husband faired quite well here, his own laptop was having some repair work done and the thief managed to miss his Kindle tablet, watch and other belongings that he may have been able to flog for a couple of euros.   

Sadly Joseph and I didn´t get off so lightly.  I lost my beloved iPad and my laptop that I use for work, along with jewellery, a camera and some cash.  Joseph, the poor soul, lost his tablet and his Nintendo DS.

Annoyingly, we think we know who did this.  Even more annoying was the police´s slow response to our suspicions.  If they have got around to questioning the people concerned by now they will have undoubtedly moved our stuff on, whereas if they´d been around to see them the day we reported it, we maybe could have retrieved our belongings.  It seemed like the uniformed police only seemed interested in filling in forms and letting the insurance company deal with it – which is OK, but I would much rather have had my old stuff back with all my files, photos, music on etc., than have to claim on our insurance policy and get new items.

The detectives who called around a few days later did seem slightly more interested in our theory, even if they did proceed to lock themselves and my husband out on our terrace whilst investigating the possible site of entry.   This could have been disastrous as it was ten minutes before the lunch time school run and I was 2 hours away in Castellon at the time!  Luckily (!) my husband managed to break back into our property and a crisis and an embarrassment to the Mosso (the Catalonian police force) was averted.

Yesterday, I began the bi-annual job of giving my house a deep clean before the in-laws arrive for Christmas.  I thought I tackle the kitchen first and my most hated job of cleaning the oven (I’d like to point out that I don´t wait 2 years before cleaning out my oven, just that I don´t tend to completely deep clean the whole house in one go, other than when we have people to stay).   All was going well, I´d cleaned the inside and was just putting the knobs back on (insert your own gag) when I somehow managed to pull the door off the oven – well when I say pull off, what I actually mean is separate the glass part from the interior door part and completely break the hinges – quite a feat really.

Of course, this now renders me ovenless, which at any time of the year would be a pain in the arse, but I happen to need an oven to shove an 8 kilo turkey in very soon….

Never rains but it pours!