Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Surviving a Morning in the Classroom

Twice a year, a few lucky (?) mamas are invited to help out with cooking some local delicacy at the school. Today that pleasure was all mine.  Each year on the day before Halloween, all the school children right from nursery age upwards make panellets, which are a Catalan sweet treat served up for All Saint's Day.

Panellets roughly translated means 'little breads' and is a bizarre mixture of mashed potato, ground almonds, egg yolks and a ton of sugar.  These are then rolled into balls and then rolled in various different topping such as chopped almonds, pine nuts, glacĂ© cherries or desiccated coconut and baked in the oven.

I've volunteered my services for the school cooking before (the other time was at Easter when Joseph was about 4) and I have to say I find it a lot of fun.  It's not often you get to watch your child in their natural school environment  and it doesn't half give a huge amount of respect for teachers and the job they do—I think I would be sobbing under a desk slurping gin by 11 o'clock if I had to face a class of 7 year olds on my own each day.

Anyhow, I survived the experience, only once embarrassing myself by knocking a plate of cocoa powder on the floor, to the great delight of the pupils.  I got my own back by making them write down all the ingredients for the panellets in English!

I can't say the finished products were the best in the classroom (I think we we're stiffed on ingredients because all the other teams had way more panellets made than we did), but hopefully they will taste OK and not poison anyone.