Friday, August 23, 2013

The Boy Turns 7

I've successfully managed to limp to the end of our first week back from our annual trip back home to Blighty, almost caught up on work and the laundry, well the bin is still overflowing but that is nothing unusual.

While we were back in Yorkshire, Joseph celebrated his 7th birthday.  In our usual tradition the in-laws hosted a BBQ in his honour on the Sunday before his birthday and as usual the heavens opened—well this is Yorkshire and August, what do you expect?

My big boy 
In another tradition we managed once again to suggest someone else buys the present which Joseph thought was the coolest thing ever and hasn't stopped playing with, in this case it was a cricket set—the boy has suddenly become cricket mad and won't stop watching, talking or playing it.   Other gifts included the obligatory Barça kit, a pair of Puma Suedes (in Barça colours naturally),Wii and Playstation games, and some Lego StarWars stuff.   My mother-in-law also went to the trouble to have this amazing cake made for him, complete with Barça strip and ginger hair, he was very chuffed!

Ginger Barça Boy Cake
Joseph's birthday was on the Monday so we decided to go 10 pin bowling in Leeds.  We rather foolishly thought that Monday morning would be really quiet and we'd be in and out in under an hour. How wrong we would be!  Not only was Monday morning the pensioners' league day, but also the Emmerdale crew and cast were in attendance, filming scenes for an upcoming episode.  The place was rammed!

We somehow managed to get the aisle just one down from where they were filming, so at some point in October you will either get to see my large backside sidle down the bowling alley or me chasing Amber to stop her from crawling down the bloody thing, more likely the latter.

One of the filming crew came over and told us that we would be in their line of filming and we were not to look directly into the camera, but just act naturally.  I spent most of the time I was there tussling with a cranky and overtired 21 month old, so how natural that would have seemed in a scene with Chas and Paddy drinking some bizarre cocktail I don't know.

Following the excitement of the bowling alley we decided we'd stop off in Guiseley and eat at the Wetherby Whaler (formerly Harry Ramsden's).  I proceeded to stuff my face with enough fried food, carbs and a ginormous slab of cheesecake to render me totally useless to man or beast for the rest of the day.  The food was great, and if you're up that neck of the woods and are partial to a drop of traditionally fish and chips I can highly recommend it.

However, the company really do need to sort out their sexist attitude when it comes to the free gifts they give to the kids.  Joseph and his cousin Billy, were both given a football, but I was incensed when they gave my 8 year old niece a package that comprised a plastic washing up bowl, pegs, washing line, coat hangers and an iron! All in pink of course, lest you should want your sons to pretend to do laundry.  This monstrosity would have made a blog post all of it's own, but sadly being the luddite that I am, the picture I took of it on my camera phone didn't actually work.

All in all though, Joseph's 7th birthday was a fabulous couple of days spent with family and friends and lovely cool weather.