Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home Improvement Hero - Bedroom Makeover

I was contacted by to see if I could do something memorable in my home with a budget of just £50.  My home could always do with some improving and bar moving to a large 4 bedroom house with swimming pool, we have to be practical about what we can and can't do.

Our duplex apartment is quite small, with very narrow rooms and zero storage space.  Sadly being very pregnant with Joseph when we bought the place we were under huge pressure to buy somewhere and didn't really have the time to go and see many apartments.  We decided that location (and price obviously) would win the day so compromised on space.  Something that I rue everyday. 

Before Amber arrived we did away with our spare bedroom (and sadly the means for anyone to stay with us again), dug out Joseph's old baby furniture, painted the room pink and that was pretty much it. Perfunctory and boring to say the least.

But what could I do with £50?  Could I really make that much of a difference to such a small room?  Firstly I needed to find somewhere online that would deliver to our home address in Spain.  I looked at Vertbaudet, knowing that they have dedicated Spanish and UK websites (and both deliver to Spain).  I was also in luck as the sales were on!

I decided that Amber's room needed some wall art, so choose a square canvas picture and some wall stickers.  I added a pop of colour by choosing a bright pink blind and decided that we could do away with the utilitarian grey storage box and get some nice pretty pink ones instead. 

All in all, I went a little over the budget and spent £62, but this included £5 postage charges. 

For the wall stickers I wanted something that wasn't too babyish as Amber is now 22 months old, and whilst I wanted something pretty and girly I didn't want anything too cutesy and vomit inducing—and definitely no fairies or princesses.  I think this hearts and flowers theme fits the bill nicely.

It was a bit of a nuisance to do, particularly as Amber kept running off with my diagram, but I am rather pleased at how it came out.  And, more importantly, Amber loves it and likes pointing out the tree, flowers and cat. 

For the opposite wall above the crib, I chose a large picture featuring a bird and flowers that also lights up.  I also crocheted some bunting over the weekend, although I think I should have sprayed it with starch first to stiffen it up a little more.

 Overall, I think her new bedroom is lovely and I think Amber quite likes it too...

To complete Amber's bedroom makeover I used:

2 rose pink storage boxes at €7.18 each (reduced from €17.50 each)
1 pink blind at €20.97 (reduced from €29.95)
1 giant wall sticker at €17.47 (reduced from €27.95)
1 square canvas picture at €13.98 (reduced from €34.95)
Wool - spare balls from previous projects

All items were purchased from but are available on the UK site, although prices vary—some items are cheaper, others more expensive between the two sites. 

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