Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Cooking (in the rain)

To say that summer this year has been a disappointment so far is an understatement.  My favourite month of the year, May, was a wash-out—if it wasn't raining or just plain cold, then we were battling against 40 kmph winds.   None of the usual gentle ease into summer where I can go about my usual business without being red-faced and sweaty all the time, just rubbish weather.

June didn't start much better, although we have had a few strings of days where normal service has resumed on the weather front and of course I've been complaining about how bloody hot it is—typical Brit, never happy.

In the summer months we tend to barbecue at least twice a week; this gets me out of cooking (although I do have to fetch and carry all the necessary ingredients and condiments up the stairs to our terrace and make a salad) and means I can enjoy our blooming terrace with a nice chilled glass of something pink while t'husband chars various meat products.

For Fathers' Day this year I thought I would take this outside cooking a stage further and get t'husband a paellero from the kids.  Basically this is just a glorified camping stove over a tripod which you can balance a paella pan on.  Last night was the night he decided to give it it's maiden voyage into the culinary world.  Typically the moment he arrived home from work dark clouds began to gather and before he'd finished his shower, the heavens had opened and it was lashing it down.

Undeterred, he set up his cooking station on our downstairs balcony under cover and began frying.

Paella cooking in the rain!

For a first attempt he pretty much nailed it, maybe a little over-zealous with the paprika, but overall a damn fine paella.
As you can see, it went down well.  Can't wait to get him to cook a meat version, and of course a fideua— which is version made with short, thin bits of pasta instead of rice.  And maybe he can fry up some big gambas or razor-clams.  I may never need to cook again...

Empty paella dish!