Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bad Blogger

So once again I have been a rather shite blogger.  My A-Z blogging challenge only got as far as letter 'H' before stalling and grinding to a screeching halt.  I do have excuses though, the entire Very Bored clan except myself came down with a harrowing dose of Norovirus, so the best part of a fortnight was spent cleaning up shit and puke off places where shit and puke have no reason to be and washing bedding what seemed like every hour, on the hour.

Once the Norovirus had buggered off and infiltrated other people's homes, Amber decided it was time to start the probably very long and drawn out process of cutting her canines, oh and she had a devil of a cold as well which meant 5 very sleepless nights for the both of us.

If all that wasn't bad enough, I went and dropped my beloved i-Pad, smashing the screen (and leaving a rather noticeable dent in the tile it landed on).  To say I was gutted would be a vast understatement, but apparently you can buy replacement screens so hopefully I'll be able to fix it.

It was in the middle of this blogging wilderness that I discovered that I had been nominated for a Britmums BiB award under the 'writer' category.  I was extremely surprised to see my little blog amongst the list of excellent writers so I doubt very much I'll get to the next stage, but if any of you fancy voting for me then click here and I'll buy you a pint when I next see you.

Obviously being nominated for a BiB I shall have to pull my finger out and add some worthy content to my blog before someone contacts Trading Standards, exposing me as a sham and a charlatan.

Till next time.