Monday, February 11, 2013

8 Things I Hate About Pinterest

Like most internet savvy people I’ve got a Pinterest account (well actually if you include my client’s accounts I actually look after 4 Pinterest accounts),  which means a lot of wasting time looking at pretty pictures, but also, because I am a narky snarly sort of person, a lot of looking at things that piss me off very quickly.  Because I love nothing more than to share my narky snarliness with the masses, here are my top dislikes about Pinterest (in no particular order):

Pictures of Macaroons

Question:  Just how many pictures of pretty, pastel coloured macaroons can there be in the world?

Answer:  Too bloody many! 

Seriously, why pin a picture of a macaroon, they don’t even taste nice!

Ooh look, macaroons.  Aren't they just the prettiest thing?
Seasonal Pins

This wouldn’t be an issue if the pins were actually seasonal, Easter doesn’t start in January, Christmas doesn’t start in September and who the frig gives a flying hoot about Halloween, never mind pinning pictures of pumpkins from mid-summer onwards.  Don’t even get me started on Valentines’ shit…

Valentines’ Shit

Well, seeing as I’ve bought it up.  Valentines’ shit in general, but in particular, Valentines’ shit for kids?  Why?  Valentines’ day is supposed to be for lovers (or wannabe lovers), the brats get every other day!

Crafty Things

Yes, they look amazing and the instructions tell you how stupidly simple they are to make.  Will your attempts at making said crafty things look anything like the picture? Will they buggery!

Interesting tutorial pins without links

Not sure if this is just because it’s been repined so many times, but it’s really infuriating when you see something you’d like to make but can’t find the instructions to do it.  Mind you, I suppose it saves me from No. 4.

Inspirational Quotes

I’m British! I’m grumpy. Inspiration quotes make me want to vomit.  ‘Nuff said.

Religious Quotes

If I wanted a sermon I would go to church. 


Logging on to Pinterest to see that someone has added 97 pins to their pastel coloured macaroons board makes me want to stab pins in my eyes.

I’m sure I’ve missed some annoying things about Pinterest, so what would you add to my list?