Thursday, February 7, 2013

30 Day Shred - End of Level 2

My plan to do the 30 Day Shred in 30 days has gone off the boil a bit as it's taken me 13 days to complete Level 2 instead of ten.  I have to be honest, I've found it seriously hard going, mainly due to lack of sleep—apparently 4 hours sleep and exercise don't mix that well, who'd have thought it?

After the initial shock of all the plank work on day one, where I may have sworn a tad at Ms Michaels, I found it almost enjoyable to do.  It is definitely a step up from Level 1, which I prefer as it gets you hot and sweaty.  Afterwards you get the euphoria that comes from the release of endorphins, well I did for the first few days anyway, once the midnight terrorist my daughter decided to play 'let's keep mummy up all night' I found getting up at 7am and doing 20 minutes intense exercise extremely hard going and felt like crap afterwards.

As I mentioned earlier, I did take a few days off.  One due to Aunt Flo being in town, the others I was just too bloody knackered to even contemplate it.  After taking yesterday off I was determined that today was the day I would finish Level 2, worried that I wouldn't ever return to it.  Sod's law decided that I would finally succumb to the cold that everyone else in the family has had, but I was undeterred. T'husband kindly expressed his concern about me attempting exercise with a cold, until I told him I was a woman who had a cold, not a man! The worst that would happen was that I'd spray the living room with snot, and even then it would just mingle with the kids'.

So tackle it I did, and because my little darling treated me to a few hours sleep last night I managed to get through it fine and felt great once I'd finished it.

Anyway, enough of the waffling here's the stats:

Start Level 1 Level 2 Change
Weight (kilos) 73.9 72.1 71 minus 2.9 (approx 6.3lbs)
Left Arm 13.5 13 12.5 minus 1.0
Right Arms 13.5 13 12.5 minus 1.0
Left Thigh 25.5 25 24.5 minus 1.0
Right Thigh 25.5 25 24.5 minus 1.0
Waist 35 34.25 33 minus 2 
Belly 40 37 36 minus 4
Arse 43.5 43 42 minus 1.5 
Hips  42 40.25 40.25 minus 1.75 
Bust 38 38 37.5 minus 0.5  
Left Calf 15.5 15 14.75 minus 0.75
Right Calf 15.5 15 14.75 minus 0.75
Total Inch Loss 14.8

I was a little bit disappointed with only losing a kilo (and nothing at all this week), but I think I've reached a bit of a plateau that I need to push through.  Previous dieting attempts would have me throw the towel in at this point but I have resisted the urge, hoping that I'll get past it and start losing weight again.

However, the inches lost will certainly help me to continue on with the fight.   With inches dropped everywhere but the hips this time around, it shows it's working.  I definitely look slimmer and clothes are starting to feel a lot looser.  I managed to squeeze into a pair of size 12 jeans the other day, mind you they were a bit tight—so much so that I had to keep checking I wasn't sporting a camel toe!

Level 3 beckons and I've set myself a target to lose 2 kilos, I desperately want to break through the 70 kilo barrier which will take me back to pre-pregnancy weight.

Onwards and upwards (or should that be downwards?).