Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here's to a New Me in 2013 - 30 Day Shred

This year is the year I shall shed this extra weight, no really it is.  I have cut out wheat from my diet (again), only eat carbs at breakfast and have just ordered a copy of the much talked about Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred exercise video from Amazon.  I am hoping that because the regime is just 20 minutes a day, I will be able to somehow shoehorn it into my day without too much disruption.  I've heard that the video is pretty brutal but I've seen some incredibly impressive before and after pictures so fingers crossed I can make it work for me.

Today is the big day, t'husband has taken the 'before' photos, I've jotted down all the frighteningly large numbers that represent the measurements of various parts of my body and I've set my alarm clock for a 7 am wake up call.  It is do or die—or very probably both given my non-existent level of fitness.

I shall report back in ten days' time after completing the first section (it's split into 3 ten day sections) where upon I will have either come to a bad way and an injury will have scuppered by weight loss chances, or finger crossed, I shall have lost a kilo or two and whittled away some unwanted flab.  No doubt my twitter feed will be full of profanities over the next few days as I curse my aged body each morning and keep everyone informed of just how much I hurt.

Wish me luck.