Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How very environmentally friendly are your branches.

For the first time ever our little village amidst the rice field of Southern Catalonia has got a Christmas tree.  Usually we are just treated to a few lights around the village and some bizarre decorations at the town hall.

I can safely say that our tree was not donated by some Norwegian town major, but in fact our village is either practicing some heavy level of austerity or, and this is more likely, they have spent all their budget on the continuing repaving of areas in the village where no-one lives.

For our village Christmas tree appears to be made solely of empty 7up bottles and tinsel.

Not being able to decide whether this was 'bah humbug' or quietly brilliant I took the Lord of Wisdom (also known as Joseph, aged 6) down to see it for his opinion on the matter.  "Awful" he immediately exclaimed—his new favourite word, quickly followed by "disgusting!"—his second favourite word, often used completely out of context.  So there you have it, it would appear that our virgin tree is a miss.  I hope they didn't pay more than €10 for it.