Friday, November 30, 2012

Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relatives

**This is a featured post from Interflora**

The best part about Christmas is beyond a doubt, the presents! For some of us, giving is just as good as receiving, because you get to put a smile on someone else’s face and show them that you remember them during what is usually a hectic season. 

Gift giving can be a little bit difficult when you live abroad, especially given the expensive cost of flights these days. However, thanks to Google and the World Wide Web, there are loads of gift ideas and delivery services that can be arranged to ensure that your presents get to their destination on time. 

1.   Photos – If you can’t get to visit each other during the Christmas or have not seen each other in a while, then collating an album and sending it to them is always a cherished gift. Better yet, if you write a little caption under each photo in the album, it will be just as if they were actually there with you at the time of the photo. The key is to make an album with a lot of pictures and get a little creative with the theme of your album.

2.   Culturally Different – Whether you live in Paris, Oslo or the Hong Kong, you can always find cultural artefacts at a local market for a small penny and send it to your relatives abroad. If they can’t afford to visit you in your respective country, then it will be their first unique experience of that country. If you decide to send a something like this, it is best to act fast and get it sent within the first week of December, because shipping tends get delayed during the Christmas season, so act fast.

3.   Cake – Come on, we can all agree that we love cake to some extent. Why not get something like a Christmas gift hamper from Interflora filled with lovely Christmas cakes and cookies for the family. This is an ideal gift if your long distance relatives are all going to celebrate the season together at a grand parent’s house and you can have it delivered right to their door step and avoid the international shipping costs.  

      Have you thought of any white Christmas gift ideas yet?