Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I’ve done this week…

Booked a weekend up in Barcelona.  The boys are off to watch Barcelona play against Celta Vigo  – a first for my Barça mad son – while me and the lil’ miss hang out in an apartment that is probably yards bigger than ours! 

Deleted my first Republican off Facebook – normally I am all for free speech and all that jazz, but her constantly filling my evening timeline with anti-Obama propaganda was doing my head in, then I clicked on her profile and saw that she was sporting a mid-1980s overly-hairsprayed flicked fringe – sealed it for me.

Sent my first arsey, pay me the money you owe me, email.  It was a deeply unpleasant experience but thankfully worked.  I hope I never have to do it again.

Slept!  Soundly, well relatively so considering I only birth babies who don’t sleep through the night.  Welcoming autumn and cooler nights into my life.

Regretted posting a blog comment.  Sometimes it’s too easy to get caught in the moment, it’s only when you look back and realise that others have also been caught in that moment too and the result looks like mob mentality that you wished you’d gone and brewed up before typing….

Given up wheat.  Again!  The never ending cycle of me giving up wheat and then accidentally chowing down on a mahoosive baguette is over, over I tell you.  My wheat-free diet is now entering its 4th week with less and less mishaps each week.  I hate it, but wheat hates me more.

Dug out the winter wardrobe.  Autumn is finally here, thank God I can ditch the summer clothes that make me look like a beached whale and camouflage myself in winter stuff.  Plus I get to buy lots of new clothes for the kids - one of my favourite pastimes.

Deliberately avoided a fellow expat down the local Spar, this involved hiding in the cleaning product aisle, alien territory for sure but just couldn’t be arsed to chit-chat with someone I have sod all in common with other than our mother tongues.

Seen a Facebook status about Baked Potato Soup and thought…. Huh?

What have you been up to?