Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review - Sudocreme Sunscreen Mousse

Regular readers of Very Bored in Catalunya will know that I don't often do reviews.  However, when a PR agency working on behalf of Sudocrem asked me if I wanted to review some new sunscreen I thought... I have two ginger-haired, porcelain-skinned children, I live in Spain, I spend a fortune on sunscreen, why not!

Sadly, due to it being an aerosol it couldn't be posted out to Spain so I had to wait to retrieve it from the in-laws address when we were back there in August.  We didn't have much call for it during our stay in Yorkshire so had to delay using it until we returned to Spain.

What Sudocrem say about their Sunscreen Moose...

"The sunscreen mousse is specially formulated to protect delicate young skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  It’s free from many of the ‘nasties’ found in some conventional sun protection products such as colourants, parabens, perfumes and preservatives.  Using unique  Proderm technology the mousse format, unlike many high factor products, is quick and easy to rub in – perfect if you have wriggling, impatient little ones." 

It goes on to list its key features which I shall dissect and tell you how we got on with them.

SPF 50

Obviously this is paramount for us, Spain is hot as hell, particularly in August when we trialled the product.  Also, my son goes off to summer playschool in the mornings for 4 hours so I need to know that what I put on his skin will last until he comes home as the monitors there aren't allowed to apply sunscreen (not even to the ginger kid) and he can't do it himself to any effect.

The product was fine and even after running around sweating playing football, he was still protected.

UVA 4* superior rating & Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection

As above, the stronger the UVA & UVB filters the better, but not being a dermatologist I couldn't tell you if they are any better than conventional sunscreens. 

Very water resistant

This for me is where the product really came into its own.  It is extremely water resistant, which is great for swimming and going to the beach. When you apply the product it leaves a non-greasy protective film on top of the skin which water cannot penetrate.

My son got to put this to good use as he went to the outdoor swimming pool in the village every afternoon, again he needed a product that could be applied before he went that would stay the course.  When we go to the beach he is constantly in and out of the water and while he was using the sudocrem mousse I was confident that his skin was being protected from the sun. 

More resistant to towel drying than conventional sunscreens

The mousse can be rubbed off with a towel, but as most of the time Joseph didn't bother to dry himself in between going in and out of the pool/sea it wasn't really a concern.  

If anything it was better than you could rub it off otherwise I wouldn't have managed to get it off my hands after applying it to the kids. 

Protects against irritation from salt, chlorine, sand and wind burn

Luckily my kids aren't affected by any of these so I can't truthfully comment.

Specially designed for kids and babies

Sudocrem is a name that you instinctively trust, especially when it comes to babies.  This product only reaffirms this for me. 

Quick and easy to apply - even to impatient little ones!

It's not actually that easy to apply, certainly not compared to a regular cream and especially not on the face.  However, that little bit more rubbing in is more than worth it.

Another thing it has over cream sunscreens is that it doesn't make as much of a mess of your tiled floors when you get drops on it.

Again, touch wood, my kids don't suffer from any skin allergies so can't really comment.

Free from parabens, preservatives, perfumes and colours

This is obviously all good news, the less harmful chemicals that get absorbed into my kids skin the better!

Prodern Technology is proven to gently soothe and relieve a number of different dry skin conditions

My kids don't have any dry skin issues, but their skin did feel soft after they'd washed the mousse off. 


A good buy, especially if your children will be in and out of water, as it offers great protection and doesn't need to be reapplied as often as other sunscreens. 

It does take a bit of getting used to when applying, you have to work it in quite quickly I found otherwise it becomes quite tacky and difficult to rub in.  My boy complained a bit when I used it on his face, but then I don't have the lightest touch!  It was actually easier to apply on Amber, maybe because she has less surface area to rub the mousse into.

Gratuitous picture of baby girl at the beach

Like all sunscreens it does slightly mark clothes, although no more so than other brands and the nature of the product means that you're less likely to get as much on the clothes anyway. 

Would I buy it again - yes, although I suspect it will only be available at pharmacies over here and probably costs a lot more than the £14.99 RRP in the UK. 

It is expensive, and my first thought was that as a mousse it probably wouldn't last as long as a bottle of sunscreen cream, but I have now changed my mind.  The fact that the mousse doesn't come off in water or sweat off means that an application lasts much longer than creams so I think a can will probably last a while.  The can we have was used twice daily on my son for 2 weeks and there is still more than half a can left.