Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I learned at Britmums - Part 1

I'm sat here in a very dark hotel room in very grey King's Cross killing time until I can go for my train and waiting for the mini kettle to boil, so I thought I'd rustle up a quick post about Britmums Live while everything is still fresh in my mind (all typos and spelling mistakes are completely the iPad's fault).

1. Possibly the best £50 I've spent in a long time (actually it's probably more like £500 when you factor in flights, hotels, wine, food, trains etc...), to finally meet all these amazing people that I've been tweeting with, and whose blogs I read and comment on and vice versa was incredible and far exceeded my expectations of the weekend.

2. While I'm not sure that I've particularly learnt anything new in terms of blogging and technical stuff (although perhaps I went to the wrong workshops), it has made me reevaluate how I view my blog, and more importantly why I blog. I know my blog is never going to woo companies and advertisers, nor is it going to change the world or inspire anyone, but it will continue to amuse me - hopefully others too - and give me a voice in a land where I realise I hardly ever speak.

3. Meeting people and instantly getting the feeling that you've known them forever is a wonderful feeling. Even if some people are very different in real life than they appear on their blog - this isn't a bad thing, far from it, just an observation.

4. Wearing heels all day is sado masochistic, I won't do that again.

5. Falling up the steps of your hotel in full view of the reception is not cool.

6. Nor is falling off your chair in the restaurant.

7. The Holiday Inn in King's Cross has the noisiest bed in the world.

8. I should have bought a bigger suitcase to stuff all my swag in.

A small thank you to the following ladies for making the weekend truly amazing... award winning and partner in crime for the weekend Trish from Mums Gone to..., Toni from Expat Mum, Helen from Knackered Mother's Wine Club, Hannah from Muddling Along, Jane from Northern Mum, Gemma from Hello It's Gemma, Liza from Tattie Weasle, Gappy from Gappy Tales, Vicki from Vegemite Vix, London City Mum and Tea with One Sugar. You all rock, it's offical!

Also thanks to anyone who took the trouble to come and introduce themselves to me, or even just stand and chat (even though they'd never heard of me) without looking over my shoulder for someone better to talk to. It was brilliant to put faces to blogs at last.