Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Olympic Meme

Hmm so my good twitter buddy (and the only twitter buddy I've met in real life) @Tattooed_Mummy, the same one who hates memes has only gone and done a meme, and then tagged me.  The bitch!   Anyhow, because it's not the usual list '5 things about you that no-one has any desire to know' type affair and it's about the Olympics I thought I'd humour her and have a go.  

If everyday tasks were an Olympic event what would you get a gold medal in?

Procrastinating, without a doubt.  I would win gold hands down every time. Never do today what you can put off indefinitely.  I could probably snatch a few medals in wine drinking disciplines as well.

As a child, or now even, did you excel at a particular sport?

I quite liked sport as a child, I wouldn't say I excelled in any though.  I preferred team games such as netball or rounders to individual sports.  I was crap at anything that involved holding a stick or bat - think tennis, badminton, hockey, and I hated track and field events.  My later teens I quite liked cross country running, mainly because I lived up the road from the school so used to go home, let myself in, and have a brew and a fag! 

In the past few years I started to play squash although I've not played since before getting pregnant with Amber, suffice to say, the squash world is not missing a rising star.

Michael Phelps (swimmer) or Michael Johnson (runner) - which sport appeals to you more?

I tend to tune into events because of the individual (British) athletes (not their physiques you mucky minded lot).  I'll be watching the swimming hoping that fellow Notts lass, Rebecca Adlington, scoops the top prize.

Local Girl Done Good!

How fast can you get out of bed and ready to go out the door if you miss the alarm and sleep in?

Given that I've usually spent half the night awake tending to a mithered baby or just through bloody insomnia, I'm usually just fallen asleep by the time I need to get up.  Thankfully, I don't have to get dressed up to go anywhere, school is 200 metres away so I just get myself and the kids dressed and run out of the door, I can move fast if I need to.

What fantasy sport would you like to see made into an Olympic event?

Speed eating Peanut M&M's.  I would so win gold medal!

Claim to fame time: have you ever met an Olympian and who was it?

Not that I'm aware of.  Although I've met Stuart Pearce a few times who will be managing the Team GB football team, does that count?

What event in past Olympics can you remember most vividly?

Torvill and Dean's Bolero at the '84 Winter Olympics.  Did I mention I was from Nottingham?  Actually we'd been to see them win the British championships at the Nottingham Ice Stadium the year before, and my Grandad's second wife worked with Jane so it felt very close to my heart.    

Tuning in at home or tickets clamped in sweaty palms?

Well, I live in Spain so I shall be glued to the TV for the duration.  I'm really looking forward to it, I am fiercely patriotic when it comes to sport (this Jubilee farce I can live without) and we have some real medal hopefuls.  I also really, really like to watch the gymnastics and I still, at the grand old age of 40, fantasise about my floor routine.  Though maybe I should be practising a pelvic floor routine instead!

I will also be watching with much interest the Team GB football team.  

Who do you think most deserves a gold medal (any walk of life not just Olympians)?

To be honest anyone who dedicates their time and effort to their goals in the same way that athletes do deserves a medal.  The Olympics is a great arena for sport and in particular sport where the contestants are really disciplined in their fields and not paid extortionately crass amounts of money.  

It also encourages young kids to want to take up sport, which can only ever be a good thing.

I'm not sure how many people I am supposed to tag here but I'm going to tag people I know who have an interest in sport in general.  However, if you fancy having a go at this just yell at me on twitter and I'll link up to you.