Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amber Tweets

This isn't some code for medium alert tweets, although it could be as "shit, no wine in the house!"
and "Forest have lost again" could be considered code Amber!

No, I thought I'd take part in the "My Week in Tweets" thingy going around at the moment that was started by Slummy Single Mummy, only my tweets have been rather boring this week. Take away tweets about The Apprentice and my beloved Nottingham Forest losing again and there wasn't really much left.

It's no iPad but I suppose it will do for now
Then I remembered that my 6 month old baby girl is a twitter fan.  OK, she doesn't get to tweet that much because she can't wrestle the iPad out of her brother's grubby little mitts, but she does post the odd thing here and there....

My Week in Tweets by @BabyAmberSophia aged 5 3/4 months.

I will get to that toy, I will get to that toy. OK, maybe not.
BabyAmberSophia  Sunday 1st April  15.32 via Fisherprice toy

That @HarperSeven ain't all that, I'm much prettier than her. #somymummysaysanyway
BabyAmberSophia  Monday 2nd April  17.58 via Mummy's iPad

Feeling really tired tonight, think I may sleep like a baby for once.
BabyAmberSophia  Monday 2nd April  19.56 via Mummy's iPad

You know when you sneeze and you've still got food in your mouth. That! #mummylooksfunnynow
BabyAmberSophia  Tuesday 3rd April  08.56 via Daddy's Computer

Cannot stop filling my nappies today. I don't like these hard nuggetty things.
BabyAmberSophia  Tuesday 3rd April 17.35 via Tweetdeck

What is this new slop? Vegetables? I want fruit.  Bring. Me. Fruit. Now!
BabyAmberSophia  Wednesday 4th April 13.15 via Fisherprice toy

Pear and Apple slop. Nom Nom.
BabyAmberSophia  Wednesday 4th April 13.17 via Fisherprice toy

Another 9 hour sleeping gig, I am really spoiling them. #neverlast
BabyAmberSophia  Thursday 5th April 06.37  via baby intercom

Ooh nearly #PeppaPig time.
BabyAmberSophia  Thursday 5th April 10.45  via TV remote control

Can't believe my mummy has put me in one of my brother's old babygros.  It's not even pink.
BabyAmberSophia  Thursday 5th April 19.54 via baby intercom 

*evil laugh* I have managed to lull the olds into a false sense of security. Time to wake up. WAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAH WAAAAH
BabyAmberSophia  Friday 6th April 02.35  via baby intercom

God, my Mum is being a right cranky old cow today.
BabyAmberSophia  Friday 6th April 12.36 via Tweetdeck

Can't wait for my brother to go back to school.  I'm missing being adored by all the Mamas and Iaias at the school gate.
BabyAmberSophia  Saturday 7th April 15.25 via Mummy's iPad

Bugger, I've just drooled on Mummy's iPad.  #maybeshewontnotice
BabyAmberSophia  Sunday  8th April 11.28  via Mummy's iPad

I'll just have a quick go on #drawsomething while Mummy's on the toilet.  I'm better than her anyway.
BabyAmberSophia  Sunday 8th April 16.39  via Mummy's iPad