Friday, March 16, 2012

Things About Blogging I Care About

Following a bizarre week in blogging which started with a tale of a blogger who was offered some shoes to review, all's good in the hood she thought until she read further down the email to discover that, due to financial circumstances, they could only send one shoe!  This made me laugh.

The week then went about its merry way without much fuss until last night, when all hell broke out in a biscuit tin because there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why some bloggers are including in lists and rankings, and others are not.  This also made me laugh.  Probably too much, but hey I'd had a shit day.

So, I thought because I've not actually written anything this week I'd share with you all what I think is important about blogging and what I couldn't give two flying figs about.  And also because I read this from notSupermum. I'm going to separate them into 3 piles, because I like piles... actually, scrub that I don't like piles.

1.  Why are people getting their knickers in a twist about?

Klout - the very fact that for some reason I am apparently influential on the following subjects:  furniture, Valentine's Day, business, kitchens, snakes and the BBC leads me to believe that this is a big steaming pile of donkey manure.  Furthermore, the fact that some people actually consider who they talk to on twitter to hopefully enhance their Klout score makes me want to switch off my computer and go out and talk to real people. Only the fact that they'd probably also be looking over my shoulder for someone more influential to talk to stops me from doing this.

Ranks and listings - these generally hold my attention for approximately 20 seconds each month, when I find out whether I've gone up, down, out of the back door, or pinged into outer space.  When you go up and down these charts like a whore's drawers on pay day you quickly develop a nonchalance towards them.

If I'm not on one, I assume it's because a) the people who collated the list have never heard of me or just as probably b) my blog isn't good enough.  I could shout about this, I could politely introduce myself, but mostly I am idle and do nothing about it whatsoever.

2.  I guess I am supposed to be bothered about this but I really cannot be arsed

Reviews and Sponsored Posts - yeah I can see the appeal of free stuff and a few quid coming your way, but it all feels a bit too much like hard work.  I have enough deadlines to meet without inflicting them upon my blog.  I am currently averaging one review every 9 1/2 months, less time than it took to grow and birth my daughter and I'm cool with that.  Although I'd love to review a nice changing bag *cough, cough*.

Awards - obviously it's nice to be nominated, although I struggle to fit into many criterias.  It would be lovely to win one as well, but I won't be hurling my computer off my balcony in a hissy fit because someone newer who only has xx amount of followers has been nominated in MY category.

3.  What I actually do care about

Comments - comments are king, comments mean that someone has actually read the post, quite possibly from start to finish.  This is why I blog!

Hits - as Ms Chav Louisiana Britney Spears herself once said 'hit me baby one more time'.  That said, I am only concerned with how many hits I get when I've actually been arsed to blog, the rest of the time I don't care.  Nor, do I particularly care if I'm still getting hits on my picture of a bloke in meggings.  For the record, in case you were curious - I am.

Other Blogs - finding great stuff on this big ole t'internet to make me laugh, cry, fume over or think about. Regardless of whether they have been nominated for this or that prize, are top of a list or only started last week.

What's your motivation for blogging?  What do you care about and what parts of this weird little world do you wish would just bugger off.