Monday, March 19, 2012


It was Mother's Day yesterday in the UK and there was a nice little meme floating around to celebrate the fact. I got tagged by fellow babe-in-arms mum Being a Mummy.

My views on Motherhood:

Describe motherhood in three words :

Fun, Knackering, Amazing

Does your experience differ from your mother’s? How? 

Hugely I would expect.  As a child of the 70s I enjoyed a much more feral childhood than I can ever hope to give to my children. On the other side of things, I think parents back in the day were quicker to raise their hands to their children as a form of punishment.  I haven't ever hit my children (I've wanted to) as I strongly believe there are far better ways to handle bad behaviour. 

Money and social status plays an enormous part in your upbringing.  For the most part of my childhood we were a single parent family (interspersed with a couple of crap stepdads), quite a rare thing in the 70s.  Nowadays, families come in all shapes, sizes and configurations and people are less likely to raise an eyebrow.

Obviously living on the Costa Dorada my children will have a different childhood to the one I had back in Nottingham, both in terms of living 5 minutes drive away from the beach and the obvious cultural differences that living in another country brings.  I don't know if we'll stay here for the rest of their childhood, but even if we did return to England in the next few years I think the experience they've had will benefit them greatly.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum? 

The tiredness is a killer, especially with a baby.  You know that you can never have a day off from being a mother.  Sometimes it's mind-numbingly boring, and you're not supposed to admit this.  

The pressure that society now puts upon mothers is disgraceful.  I try my hardest to ignore it all, but the guilt is always there, lingering in the background.  There will always be a part of your way of doing things that will be frowned upon my others—sadly it's usually other mothers who apply this pressure the most.

What’s the best thing? 

The love.  The pure wholesome, all encompassing, unadulterated love you feel.   Kisses, giggles, snuggles and new born baby smells.  The immense sense of pride you have in your children when they achieve something—even if it's just learning to roll over! 

How has it changed you? 

Well for a start it's made me fatter and killed my social life!  

I think I'm less judgemental now, I know how hard it is and I'd like to think that I give other mums a break and support their parenting decisions even if they're not things I'd do myself.

It's also made me become an internet junkie.

What do you hope for your children?

That they'll be the best that they can be, work hard at whatever they choose to do and be fairly rewarded for their efforts.   That they will be fair, honest, supportive, caring people who will respect others.   That they find true love without having their hearts broken too many times. 

That at least one of them will support Nottingham Forest—even just a little bit.

What do you fear for them? 

Ill health, exclusion, rejection.  That they take the wrong path in life and make decisions that have an adverse effect on their lives.

What makes it all worthwhile? 

The gummy smiles, the unasked for cuddles, the unquestioning love that you get back from them.