Friday, March 23, 2012

Introducing the New Donkey(s)

You know how I was banging on the other week about feeling bad about bastardising the Catalan donkey... well a couple of people in the online world leapt to my aid and came up with some fantastic replacements.

Which leaves me with a small dilemma, because I only really needed one donkey but now find myself in possession of a brace of donkeys.  Trouble is, I really like them both.

First up is a new badge designed by the Mr Shev, a fellow expat in Switzerland who does lots graphic designy things.  Good isn't it!  By the way more from Mr Shev next week...

The second was a photo tweeted to me by @tattooed_mummy (blog here), she must have impeccable timing because the tweet arrived in my timeline during a fraught conversation with my insurance company, where I was asking why I had to part with €200 to have my car fixed when it the accident wasn't my fault. This little darling made me laugh like a drain.

I've decided that I am keeping both of them, the badge will be my... er badge.  The straw donkey will become my twitter avatar.  However, I think both of them deserve a name so I'm calling upon my dear donkey lovers to suggest some apt names for them both - male or female.