Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review - Dream Bag España

Anyone who has a new born baby will realise that sleep can be hard to come by.  Some people are blessed with children who could sleep through hurricanes and never stir, sadly both of my children would wake at a drop of a feather!  Anything that aids a few more hours sleep a night is a huge bonus.

Currently Amber is still in her Moses basket, there isn't a great deal of room in there for her but our bedroom isn't large enough to have the cotbed in, well not if we want to get in and out of the room anyway.  The cover that came with Moses basket was seriously inadequate, just a small, shaped padded cover that wouldn't stay on her.  Blankets were either too constricting if tucked in or would again end up in a heap, or worse over her head with her constant thrashing around trying dispel some trapped wind.

The Dream Bag is great, as it means that we can keep her temperature constant, no faffing around with blankets and there isn't that shock from putting her down on cold sheets when she's fallen asleep in my arms after an early hours feed.  The bag is quite a bit longer and wider than other ones that I've used, this is great as again it gives her more room to manoeuver, especially when she's pulling up her knees so much.   The 2.5 tog is great for the colder Spanish winters, where tiled floors and heating via air conditioning units do not make for a very cosy environment and the fact that it's quilted on the inside makes it feel warmer than other makes.

Amber in Daisy Daisy Dream Bag

I received the Daisy Daisy bag to review and I was seriously impressed at how beautiful the embroidery is.  Even my 5 year old boy commented on how pretty it looked!  I can also vouch for how well the Dream Bag washes after a couple of incidents with projectile vomiting.

The clever ladies of Dream Bag España have taken all the good design points of other sleeping bags for babies and incorporated them into one bag that can be used from 10lb up to 3 years of age.  Full length zips, poppers on the shoulders and a cover over the zip fastening so older babies can undo the zip themselves are all great features.  The bag also comes in 11 colourful designs that would suit either a boy or girl and three different tog sizes to suit the climate.

Living in Spain, I am forever amazed at how expensive baby things are, having recently been stung for €60 for a hand breast pump I tend to buy most of what I need for Amber on the internet from UK stores.  Coming across Dream Bag España was brilliant, not only were their sleeping bags very reasonably priced (prices starting from €29.99 or £25) they also delivered the bags for free.

Dreambag España currently has a January sale on.