Monday, January 16, 2012

Listography - 5 Blogging Tips

I thought I'd join in with this week's Listography on the Kate Takes 5 blog.  The subject this week is blogging.  Blogging about blogging is something I try not to do too often, but I couldn't resist this.

Lots of other bloggers have mentioned twitter, touched on SEO, blog buttons, aesthetics, word verification (for the sake of the Lord would you switch it off!) and various techie things, but I wanted to come at it from another angle.

Here are my 5 tips for bloggers:

1.  Be your own person

Don't follow the crowd, unless you really want to.  Write what you want to write, not what you think you should be writing about.  Write for the enjoyment of it not for the hits - the hits will come.  There is no set way to blog, no magic number of words, no set amount of pictures, no pre-determined amount of times you need to blog each week.  It's your blog so do it your way!

2.  Don't expect a huge following straight away

It takes time to build up a blog following, and lots of hard work pimping yourself and getting yourself known in whatever circle you want your blog to be successful in.  Don't be surprised if it takes 6-12 months to feature in any rankings list.

Expecting PRs to start throwing free stuff at you when your blog has only been going a couple of weeks is seriously unrealistic, and really off-putting to your readers if you start begging for products to review.

3.  Think about who you're writing about

Anything you write on your blog can be found, unless you've locked down your blog.  Chances are that if you write a scathing post about your husband's best mate they will find it and be mighty pissed off about it.  If you can't say whatever you want to write to their face, then don't put it on your blog.  And always ask permission before posting pictures of other people or their children on your blog.

4.  Ride the loss of blogging mojo

It will happen, one day you will run out of blogging steam.  You will be devoid of ideas, anything you attempt to write will just look stupid and you'll toy with the idea of giving it up.  Don't stress yourself out, just give yourself a few days/weeks off and the mojo will be back.

5.  Don't steal, credit

Quite often I get the inspiration for a blog post from reading someone else's post.  It's perfectly OK to cover the same subject as someone else, to either completely disagree or add to the original point with your own views, just make sure you link back to the other person's blog.  Extra brownie points if you're really nice and retweet theirs or share on Facebook.