Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Post - Slummy Single Mummy

Today I have a guest post from a fantastic blogger: Jo from Slummy Single Mummy.  Jo writes an eccletic mixture of posts covering parenting and world issues and even a post about Marmite!  I especially loved this one which explored different perpectives on pornography.  I hope you enjoy her offering, particularly as it runs along the same theme as my post last week.   

The void is not shoe shaped

I came across a picture today that I love.

It's called 'The void is not shoe shaped.'

Most of us will at some point experience that feeling of something missing, of a gap in our lives, that we try to fill. Some people fill it with work, some with religion, others with alcohol or drugs. I often try to fill mine with Jaffa Cakes, which I find to be a pretty effective short-term solution.

Longer term though, how many of us ever find the thing that fills that hole? 

Some of us might think we know what shape it is, and then we get the salary and the car and the shoes we wanted, and find it doesn’t fit after all. Try as we might, we can’t make it plug all the gaps. We stuff in around the edges with extra clothes and sweets and glasses of wine, but it doesn’t work. Things leak. Sometimes it’s a controllable drip, drip, drip. Other times a swirling torrent.

Or maybe that’s just me. Maybe you’ve found the thing that fills the shoe shaped void?

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