Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Belated Thanks

A few months back I was constantly mithering people on Facebook and Twitter to vote for me in a couple of things.  I have been rather remiss in thanking folk for taking the time out to vote, and in some cases vote often, so  here is my little thankyou to you all.

The MAD blog awards

I was up for an award in the Best Post Category and thanks to everyone who did vote for me as I reached the final.  Sadly, I won't be able to go to the award ceremony to plaster a fake smile on my face as one of my competitors swoops the prize, as I will be 35 weeks pregnant and unable to fly.

I'm really gutted about not going actually, it would have been great to meet some of my favorite bloggers, and there are a couple of bloggers in particular that I would love to go on the lash with share a few sherries with, namely Heather from NoteFromLapland and Nickie from Typecast!  I would have quite liked a free outfit too.

Still, there is always next year...

Circle of Moms - Top 25 Expat Blogs

Huge thanks again to anyone who voted for me, especially those who took the trouble to vote multiple times.  I managed to scrape in at no. 23 which is no mean feat given the sheer number and quality of expat blogs out in the blogosphere.  You can see my little interview with Circle of Moms here, I'm just below some bird from Rochdale!

Adeu i moltes gracies