Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Day in Numbers

Just because...

31 = º centigrade, more in my non-airconditioned car!

6 = bathrooms cleaned today

1 = bathrooms cleaned that I actually frequent

23 = spam emails received

672 = times I've cursed the woman who works for us for requesting a day off on a change-over day

3 = fellow road users that have pulled out in front of my seemingly invisible car

3 = times I've used inappropriate language within my son's earshot

317 = litres of sweat that I've expired

2  = wheat-based products mistakenly eaten (that Twix just flew into my mouth)

0 = ice creams consumed so far today

7 = mosquito bites I'm currently sporting

4 = shoe sizes my feet have gone up since being up the duff

31 = minutes snatched in a small siesta

3 = supermarkets visited that were closed this afternoon

6 = chips snaffled off Joseph's plate when he wasn't looking

100 = times I wished it was September

477 = jobs that I've put off until tomorrow

3 = blog posts this week

Some of these numbers may be guesses, and some just plain old made up....