Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Not Very Catalan Fridge

Mommy's Got A Headache has tagged me with a meme, wanting me to reveal to the world the contents of my fridge. Now I know why Mommy's Got A Headache chose that name, perhaps if she had less alcohol and chocolate in her fridge she mightn't be so dependent on the over-the-counter headache cures... know what I mean... I'm not saying that she's border alcoholic or anything but she's the only person I know who freezes gin, vodka by all means, but gin?

Anyway, she picked on me because she wanted to see some Spanish food stuffs, sadly I think I will disappoint her on that score. I must thank her though because this meme has made me clean my fridge—a job usually reserved for the day prior to a visit from the in-laws, so I'm about 6 weeks early in that respect.

Things that would have been included in the list but are now sadly contents of my bin include:

A jar of anchovies
A squeezy tube of Branston Mustard Pickle—which was neither Branston Pickle or Mustard hence no-one ate it.
Some home-made crumble mix—date of birth unknown
A packet of ready-rolled puff pastry

So, onto the main event—the fridge; the outside adorned with postcards from the exotic and far-flung travels of my in-laws (such destinations include New Zealand, Australia, Gambia, Florida and some what bizarrely Slovenia), the obligatory magnetic letters which for once don't actually say anything, an alligator Florida fridge magnet from our holidays last year, and two random magnetic things explaining in Catalan the recycling scheme and the nutritional info found on food labels.  I rather suspect these are only on the fridge because they're magnetic, seeing as I am the only one who does the recycling and I am fully understanding of the system, and no-one but me gives two figs about food labeling.

The fridge door that is forever being peered into...
A sparkling and gleaming inside reveals.... ta da daaaaa....

Top Shelf

Jar of Piccalilli, jar of tahinni, jar of Coleman's horseraddish sauce, jar of low fat mayo, half a jar of home made curry paste (Jamie Oliver's recipe), jar of mini pickled onions—well I am up the duff, opened tin of triturado (tomato passata) and an open carton of cream.  Lurking at the back is something for t'husband aquarium.

2nd Shelf

Some greek yoghurts, some bifidus yoghurts, a tub of fresh pineapple, a tub containing some cut up water melon, a punnet of the worst tasting strawberries ever,  a pack of butter, a tub of coleslaw, a tub of alli-oli  (whoo-hoo something Spanish), a tub of guacamole, a hunk of ginger which I am going to plant outside, a couple of mini chocolate eggs, packet of olives, and finally... not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 tubs of Philadelphia light cream cheese.  I think I may have planned to make a cheese cake and clearly forgot to administer this idea!

3rd Shelf

A frightening array of cheese which includes, processed cheese slices for Joseph when he has a hamburger, slices of Emmental, Laughing Cow light, half a wedge of Edam, some grated cheddar in a tub and then half a pack of cheddar, and 1½ packets of parmesan cheese.  Along with this cheese-fest is 3 tubs of jelly, a tub of margarine and 3 cartons of fruit juice—pineapple & grape.

4th Shelf

A whole chicken, 1½ packets of bacon (oh how I miss English bacon...), some chicken marinating in a bowl with some curry paste & greek yoghurt, a hamburger, an almost empty box of Montsant red wine, 3 cans of Estrella cervesa (yay some Catalan things) and a large Britta water filter jug.

Veg Rack

Oh yes Nickie - I have vegetables....  carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, ½ onion, beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and for some reason a single, solitary new potato.

The Door

My current poison of choice; Fanta Lemon, strawberry jam, eggs, a jar of food for baby fish, orange juice, peach & grape juice, milk, another jug of water and a single, lonely, sad bottle of rosé wine...

Wine! Oh my love, will you wait for me, can you wait 6 months? I know I ask a lot of you but will you... will you still be mine? I still love you, I have always loved you, I will always love you ... just 6 little months...

I'm supposed to tag folk now but if you fancy doing this then go knock yourself out. However, if anyone starts a meme entitled 'what's in your ironing pile' or 'let's have a look at the bottom of your wardrobe' then you can go take a run and jump....