Monday, May 23, 2011

Is This the Most Abusive Spam Email Yet?

I, like anyone who owns an email account (or ten), am no stranger to spam.  You've heard all about the 20 or so messages I get each day asking me to cheat on my husband and I'm sure you're all familiar with the penis enlargers, the viagra pills, the lottery wins, not to mention all the African dignitaries wanting to give you a shed load of cash?

However, even I was surprised when the following email popped in gmail account (click on it to enlarge).

I must confess to being a little confused, does this particular spam approach actually work?  Do many people suddenly find themselves so incensed that they feel obliged to click on the supplied links?  Surely, most people would think "I haven't just dumped my lover of 7 months over the internet—I did it by text message!" or, "What, that video that makes him look like he's in need of a penis enlarger? He sure could have used some viagra".  Or maybe even "my boyfriend's name was Mark not Kunwar Manvendra Pratap Singh Tomar, and just how many girls was he dating?  It must have taken him hours to upload all that footage to YouTube."

Just for the record Kunwar, if I were to dump you over the internet the title of my email would probably read 'You're Dumped' not 'Need a Little Space', I'm quite a direct sort of person, very to the point. I don't beat about the bush... regardless of what's on that video!