Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meggings - The Metrosexual Must Have

T'husband is a pioneer in the fashion world - who knew?  Those internet fashion gurus over at ASOS* have declared this season's must have item for men are meggings—oh yes, leggings for men.  My super fashion-conscious spouse is bang on trend this autumn/winter (or are we now winter/spring?), often stepping out in his meggings, layered fashionably under his drop-crotched fishing apparel (he really should wear a belt).

'check my bulging... calves'
He has a variety of colours, well OK, he has two—cream and navy and absolutely swears by them from October to April, citing that just because he's out in all weathers, it doesn't mean that cutting edge fashion should be shunned, "high fashion on the high seas... or the River Ebro" he says whilst sashaying around with his man-bag and flat cap—ever the Yorkshireman. He often models them for my delectation, bringing a bit of the sultry Paris catwalk to the bedroom of the Southern Catalonia. Ladies, I can tell you, it works for me, wink, wink.

Meggings are available in hundreds of colours and fabrics, from satin sheens, sparkly sequins to jumbo corduroy.  You can dress them up for a night on the town, or down for that 'just popping down the local to watch the match' look.  Wondering what shoes to wear? The beauty of meggings is that all footwear works, thick socks and combat boots through to casual summer holiday flip-flops, there are no hard and fast rules.

Look a tosser in any footwear

'Just popping to Tesco's love, do you want anything?'
Of course what t'husband and indeed probably a whole host of blokes who have to work outdoors through the winter know, is that these ludicrous things are actually called Long Johns, available for about a tenner a pair from M&S and other such department stores.  And they look a damn sight better like this:

'...knew I shouldn't have had the lentil soup for lunch'
And even better layered, not as ASOS suggest under some drop-crotch shorts, but under some full length, crotch in the right place, trousers.  Serious boys, don't do this, you will regret it.

Sadly, despite my begging and pleading, t'husband flatly refused to model his Long Johns, happily for you ladies I found a half decent replacement.