Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Momma Challenge 2011

This week was supposed to be the start of my New Year diet, someone forgot to tell the fridge that though, or maybe those naughty shopping items just threw themselves into the trolley whilst my back was turned comparing lettuces—who knows?  Anyway I am blaming it on the fact that you can't go from shoving tank loads of pork pie and pate down your neck to complete cold turkey (well not cold turkey per se, I actually like a drop of cold turkey, with lashing of mayo naturally...), in the diet stakes you need to come down slowly.  My alcohol intake halved (this week it's halved again, can you see me shaking?) and a few leftover chocolates may have passed my lips but all in all I didn't go overboard but didn't exactly follow the South Beach Diet—whatever that is.

The result was a 0.8kilo loss—although I probably just farted before I got on the scales.

So far this week I am being much more disciplined, no carbs at evening meal although tonight Joseph has requested 'pgetti' but I'll do wholemeal and give myself a small portion.  No chocolate and only a modicum of cheese has passed through my digestive system and, as stated earlier, no alcohol as yet has touched my lips, I aim to get to Friday.  I've also dusted off a Davina workout DVD and got so far as to actually do it rather than just put it back on the shelf.  Downside to this is that I can now only walk about with my legs poker straight and my feet turned out which does have a couple of disadvantages; namely I look a complete muppet and stairs are impossible, but hopefully they will have eased off enough tomorrow for me to put myself through the whole terrible business again.  *I will have buns of steel*.

I hope everyone else on the Big Momma Challenge has had a good week if not then don't fret, this week will be better.