Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Culling Part 2

Just wanted to add a couple of things but thought they might get lost on the original post.

Firstly thankyou for your responses everyone, I posted this when I got back from a BBQ party on Sunday night as a result of reading a post that rankled me, I  was also a little bit squiffy when I wrote it.  I then woke up at 5.00 o'clock in a blind panic and was going to delete the post but 6 people had already replied to it.  I assumed that everyone would think I was being obnoxious or bitchy, or both.  I am really suprised at the number of comments I've had (and emails) and I have had the most amount of page views ever for one post, almost double what I would get for a usual post, so clearly I struck upon something we all think about.

Of course in bittersweet irony, and it had to happen, in fact I'd have been disappointed if it hadn't happened, someone has culled me.  Am I going to search through my followers to try and detect who I've pissed off?  Am I heck as like, life is too short.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Do you cull who you follow on your blog reader and on twitter?

I've got too many blogs in my reader, I can't add any more, I'm full up, to the brink!  I need to cull.  This is a problem.  Every now and again I go through my reader and cut anyone who hasn't posted for more than 2 months, I figure (rightly or wrongly), that they have lost interest in their blog so why should I spare interest and reader space on them.  Also I will go through and cut blogs that I know I never read, usually these are crafting blogs that I followed on a whim and a pretty picture.  But I am still 10 blogs too many, there are a few blogs that I kinda want to cut but feel if I do so they could work out it was me and they'd take it personally, and they'd be right. It is personal.  Sometimes I read stuff on other people's blogs that makes me, at the very least, raise my eyebrows so high that they disappear into my hairline, some just make me very angry.

The ones that are candidates for me to cull are the ones who have commit the following sins...

1.  Egotism, especially when it's seriously misplaced.  The first out of the traps to advocate being voted for the MADS, and even for blogging events that you don't actually qualify for....  To slag off the Tots 100 list when they aren't in it but write a arselicking post about it when you are..... sorry but you're gone from my reader!

2.  Ungratefulness - slagging off your secret post parcel just isn't on, no matter how nicely you worded it, and then to drop out of the Secret Post Club because you feel 'soured' by it?  Whoa there... how about I just effing delete you right now...

3.  Your blog is over political or religious and actually I don't agree with you.  To be fair a much lesser crime than the 2 previous, but horses for courses and all that.

And so to twitter...

I reckon in the 8 months or so that I have been actively using twitter I must have blocked well over a 1000 people, from porn to spam to just obvious random people collectors.  I am choosy, if you don't follow back I'll block you as well, hello ... I am not here to make up your numbers, if I'm not worthy of speaking to then I don't wanna listen, if you get my drift.  However when I do choose to follow someone then it's incredibly rare that I will unfollow, I can only think of 3 people off the top of my head that I have unfollowed, and 2 of those were guilty of number 3 above. 

But, (well there was always going to be a but...) there are people who bug the hell out of me, blogging is not so bad,  because if a blogger bugs me I can choose to not  read their posts, but on twitter it's there in my timeline and it annoys me.  Should I just block them or just let it go?  It's a real life situation based in the virtual world.  In real life your days are filled with people that you don't really like, from friends of friends, neighbours, work colleagues, God even family in some cases, mostly we just bite our tongues and grin and bear them so as not to rock the boat, is the online world the same?  Do we ignore those we feel we dislike, skim over their tweets and never comment on their blogs or do we just be brave and terminate them from our systems?

All this leads me to ask the question ... How can anonymous people rile me so much?


"Isn't it time to stop THAT?"

I am about to go off on my jollies next week, a fortnight back to that wonderful holiday destination that is known simply as 'Nottingham'.  Granted, not the most exciting place in the world to be but hey, I've sun and sea here so a change is as good as a rest and all that bullshit. 

My time away will feature some fabulous guest bloggers but to whet your appetite for such delights I'd like to introduce my first guest blogger.  She's a great pal who I met online a couple of years back, we've since gone on to meet in person and indeed she and fellow blogger Lax Parenting came laden with kids and sun cream and invaded my poor boy's bedroom for a few days last summer. An all round good girl with a fledgling blog that definitely deserves your perusal, although I should probably warn you, there will be swearing!  Without further ado I give you... Dear Dull Diary  (One day she'll mend her broken blog and appear in your reader if you follow her...)

The lovely Very Bored in Catalunya has kindly invited me to write a post for her blog whilst she slacks off.... silly cow, does she not know that I have no idea how to write?  It's one thing writing crap for your own blog but doing it on some one else's is a bit scary...

I thought I would tell you about how I am perverting my daughter. I am really surprised at how people feel they can just give you their opinion on bringing up your children without you even asking.  Do I look like I am interested?  Hmmm maybe I just have an "I am interested in your opinion face".

My daughter is 2 years and 4 months old and I am still breast feeding her. **gasp**  You would think I am showing her pornograpghy the way some people, even friends talk about it. "Isn't it time to stop THAT?" Jesus if I had a pound for every time I hear that... I will stop when my daughter wants to, thanks.

It's not like I set out to breastfeed for so long, in fact I would of been quite pleased if she had stopped at a year old, but she had other ideas, she loves it.  First there is the request for Tit (don't ask, or see my post titled tit on my blog) then we like to ask for either the left or right,  then there's the comments on my bra.. oh nice bra/prwetty/ohhh RED... then there's the giggle and excitement just before she latches on, then we feed. It's not for long these days, a few minutes each side.  When she's finished she will say thank you and off she goes.  I would like to say that I am trying to reduce her feeds, but I'm not.  She feeds first thing then again at night and can ask for feeds during the day if we are just at home, when we are out it's rare I feed her, normally only if she's upset or hurt herself and then it has to be pretty bad. I have never had issues with getting my tits out to fed her, in fact there was one time we went shopping in a very busy city centre when I actually forgot to put them away... I got some very weird looks wandering around M&S with my norks out. The older she's got the harder it is.

I remain taken aback by the negative comments I get about breast feeding.  It's not like I am giving her fizzy pop in a bottle, I mean honestly, have you seen what some parents fed their kids? The weird thing is that most of my friends who make comments are the better educated people who would like to think of themselves as knowledgeable about healthy eating and most of them are women, some of them even breastfed their own children, the men however, don't bat an eye lid!  It would appear that I have crossed an invisible line from 'caring mother' to 'freaky breastfeeding a toddler mother'...it's breast milk, it's what my body produces to feed my child, even the WHO guidelines advocate babies are breast fed until 2 years old.

It's not that odd honest.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy St George's Day or Feliç Sant Jordi if you're Catalan

The English and the Catalans share the same patron saint which is of course the chivalrous Saint George, the dragon slayer.  Over here it's called Sant Jordi - La Diada de la Rosa (the day of the rose) and is somewhat akin to our own Valentine's day. You can barely walk down any street in Catalunya today without tripping over a quickly erected stall draped in the Senyera, the Catalan flag, selling fresh roses at €5 a chuck, or some entrepreneurial foreigner with a bucket of plastic roses. Every 5th stall or so is selling books instead of roses (or as well as).  The Catalans instead of largely ignoring their patron saint's day as we do back in Anglaterra, give gifts, roses for the ladies, as according to legend a rosebush sprung from the blood of the dragon that good old Georgie boy killed, George/Jordi then picked the prettiest bloom to give to the princess.  And books for the boys, nope, I've not got a scoobies what that has to do with dragons either, although it is also International Book Day so it's probably some sort of amalgamation between old and new traditions.

Hopefully this sharing of saints will serve us in good stead over the summer, most Catalans whilst being football crazy do not in any way shape or form support the Spanish national side, despite the fact that many Catalonians actually play for the team.  Most youngsters will adopt a team for the duration of the World Cup and because of our shared interest in St George a lot of the locals will support England, that is until we get knocked out in the semi's and then all the Brazil tops will be dusted down, again.  Me? Well I will obviously be wearing my heart on my English sleeve but also edging my bets on the sly by punting a tenner on Spain to win the tournament, then like in the Euro 08' finals I will be the only person in the village happy and maybe €60 up.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Secret Post Club and an Award

So it's that time of the month again, no not that time, the Secret Post Club time.  The brainchild of Heather over at Notes from Lapland.  This month's fabulous parcel came from Kate over at Bits n Stuff.  Go and check out her blog she has some gorgeous gifts and trinkets for sale.

Here it is wrapped in some very pretty paper.

First out of the parcel were these lovely wine glass tags, you put them around the stem of the glass so they don't get mixed up with other people's.  T'husband commented that there wasn't one with 'pisshead' on it, although I haven't a clue what he meant by that remark...

Next was this smashing little purse (I needed a new purse so I can keep our Guest House money separate from my own) and the comment 'frugal is such an ugly word' made me laugh.  Has Kate met my husband?  

Finally, a post it pad with the slogan 'honey you couldn't handle half of me' written on it.

All in all a lovely parcel Kate, thanks. xx

Next up, an award, for lil' ole me...  Courtesy of Bubble Boo over at the brilliant blog The Thought Bubble.

The originator over at Advance Booking has attached the following rules...

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!

2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award.

3. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to This Post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.

4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit
this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we all can get to know the other winners.

So thank you ever so Bubble boo, I am very honoured.  I shall pass this award over to 7 blogs that are either relatively new or at least new to me.

Dear Dull Diary
A Mid Atlantic English
Single Parenthood:  Tales from the Frontline
The Sardine Tin
Single Dad's Diary
Life at the Old Workshop
Me Plus 3 and Mr C

There you go, my work is now done.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm not here...

I've beaten the volcano ash and gone Mid-Atlantic, well in a virtual sense anyway.  Check my guest post out at the fab blog A Mid Atlantic English to read about me rambling on about food, again!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It Never Rains But It Pours... 2

It never rains but it pours... volcanic ash that is!

Air passengers all over the world are stranded, desperate to get home or have been stuck at home missing out on important events such as weddings, visiting relatives and much anticipated holidays etc.  For us personally, t'husband has missed his best mate's stag do, an event that in the end was cancelled completely because a few people were unable to get flights and were stranded in various parts of the world. I'm sure that my own fair city of Nottingham will be able to cope with the relative small drop in revenue that it will miss over the weekend.  Our own drop in revenue due to some unpronounceable lump of rock and the billowing smoke that it's spewing is less predictable.

 picture from The Boston Globe

We have 3 customers currently stranded in Spain with us, 2 or which have decided to take themselves off to Salou rather than stay in a rural village in the middle of a load of rice fields, who can blame them, and the third has paid someone to drive over from England to collect him.  We have 9 customers who are supposed to arrive this week.  3 were due on Friday from Glasgow, they have been told they can fly tomorrow but that is looking highly unlikely and the others are to arrive on Sunday and Monday, again not looking likely.    That's just this week.  Let's face it this volcano could carry on erupting for weeks, months even, it's been going since the 21st March.  The last time Eyjafjallajokull erupted back in 1821 it lasted 2 years!  It looks increasing like there will only be a few brief time periods where there are sufficient gaps in the ash to fly, but if the wind prevails in the wrong direction, ie South then this could carry on for ages.  If customers can't get to us, we don't earn any money.  Worrying times.

Of course, it's not just us that this will effect, airlines are losing billions of pounds every day that their planes are stood still on airport tarmac, surely this cost will have to be eventually recouped by higher airfares.  A number of smaller airlines will no doubt be put out of business completely.  Add into the equation that freight is unable to get in and out of Europe quickly enough then manufacturing will be hit, just what the world needs when it's desperately trying to claw it's way out of the worse recession since the 1930's.  

Read more on this depressing subject if you can bear it here.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Do You Write Your Blog Posts?

Do you think long and hard about how you are going to write a certain post, mulling them over in your head first before setting them out on screen? Carefully reading and re-reading, tweaking, looking for a better word to use, or better way to phrase a sentence?  Or do you just sit at your PC and type?

I wonder this because I do a little of both. I've discovered that the longer I ponder a piece the less interested in it I become. For instance, I have a post sat as a draft in my dashboard. A post about blogging ironically, I've even asked the twitter world for some quotes and some lovely people have obliged me. However, I can't get the piece to be coherent. The more I tamper with it, the further away it comes from being what I want it to be. The more I work on it the less I like it. I've edited it so much that I've almost forgotten what my original point was. Part of me thinks I should just delete it and then start again afresh another day, but because I've asked for quotes I now feel obliged to publish it. Am I the only one who seems to lose their fluidity the more they think about a certain post?

I cannot, it seems, write to order.  My own or anyone else's.  Which is why I rarely take part in the Writing Workshop or enter themed carnivals, I get writer's block, I am uninspired, it doesn't get my juices flowing.  However a single line of someone else's blog post can instantly inspire, a random thought popping in my head can suddenly produce several paragraphs of words that flow from my fingertips at rapid speed. This is obviously apparent in the end result as the more thought out and composed the post is the less response it seems to get, whereas when I write off the cuff so to speak, I seem to write better and will generally get more comments.

Does anyone else find this?


Monday, April 12, 2010

It Never Rains But It Pours

So remember how on Friday I was feeling grumpy and I had a bit of a rant about the things that had pissed me off recently? I probably should have waited until later on that day to write the post as it seemed that the day hadn't finished with me yet.

I took Joseph after school to a joint 4th birthday party, the usual pattern of 30 or so kids running around screaming at each other for 2 hours, whilst I sat trying my hardest not to eat the bad carb fest that was the buffet.  Joseph was starting to come down with something so was taking oversensitivity to a whole new level and spent the entire time alternating between unnecessary tears or trying to wrestle a football off Alex or Jordi, or in some cases of sheer stupidity, one of the older boys (I shall be so pleased when the boys finally realise that football is not actually a solitary game and the more people who play it, the better).   Finally after the cake, came the sign that the party was drawing its last dying breaths, the piñata appeared.  Job done and off we ski-daddled homeward bound.  There was a bottle of white rioja in the fridge with my name on it.

We entered our apartment lobby and were headed towards the lift when I was aware of some dripping down the stairs, I climbed the stairs to have a look and saw that water was cascading down from the floor above. Our floor!  There were 4 apartments that the water could have been coming from but I knew immediately that it was ours.  We exited the lift to find the whole of our landing under water and it was, of course, gushing out from under our door.  I ran into our apartment, thinking 'shit, oh fuck, I've left a tap on' and frantically ran around checking all the taps, none of which were on, when our next door neighbour appeared. I manically beckoned him in and he discovered the burst pipe under the kitchen sink.    I shooed Joseph upstairs out of the way, mainly for his safety but also for the sake of my sanity as he was screaming and crying, obviously upset because I was flapping around like a headless chicken.  I went to fetch a chair for our neighbour to stand on so he could reach the valve to turn the water off when I slipped in the water and went arse over tit.  I went crashing over, landing awkwardly on my knees and completely drenching myself in the process.  Joseph, perched halfway up the stairs then went into full hysteria, screaming 'it's raining, Mummy fell over, it's raining, Mummy is hurting' over and over again.

Thankfully, the water was shut off and a whole host of neighbours (some of whom I swear I'd never seen before) suddenly appeared armed with mops, brushes and buckets and began to help remove 5 inches of standing water from my home. At some point, a rather bemused t'husband arrived home and was duly handed a mop and told to get to work.

Miraculously the only thing that was damaged was a copy of the book Lovely Bones which had been on the floor by the side of the bed and even that is almost dry now.  I am sporting two huge bruises on my knees and I was in quite a bit of pain on Saturday as I must have twisted my knee quite badly when I fell.  On the positive side, the under the sink cleaning cupboard has now been cleaned out, a job that I have been procrastinating over for about 3 years and lots of bits of random fluff and dust that you need to move furniture to get to has now been flushed out, one more job off the spring cleaning list.

I now know that I have fabulous neighbours, although I would rather they hadn't witnessed me flailing around on the floor, flapping about in the water like some demented salmon, I'm sure my dignity will recover in time. And finally I am quite thankful that it happened last Friday and not this coming Friday when t'husband will be in England on a stag do.  All in all, it could have been a lot worse.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Technorati Claim - Again

Hello Technorati

This is my claim

That is all.
Please find me, I am losing the will to live. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Brand New, All Singing, All Dancing Grumpy Meme as created by Me.

This is my 100th Post, I had planned to post a positive piece about blogging and the blogging community but I'm far too grumpy today (don't worry those who have emailed me quotes to use, I will post it next week).  It's just been one of those days, well week actually. You know, where nothing in particular has upset you, just the world at large is a screwed up miserable place and the grass is greener elsewhere etc...

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of 'what makes you happy memes' which of course has made me even more grumpy, so I've decided to create a new meme.  *** Warning, there will be swearing***

How's Your Blood Pressure?  7 Things This Week That Have Made Me Grumpy

1. The Price Of Things in Spain.

 In an attempt to cheer myself up I went to a fabric shop to purchase some lovely new shiny fabric, actually it wasn't shiny but you get my drift.  All their printed cotton was about €14 a metre.  For fucks sake €14, that's over 12 quid!  Even all the off cuts were carefully measured so you paid the exact effing price from a €14 a metre roll.  It's not even Cath Kidston.  I then went to look at laptops just to see how much they are.  There were 3 models in the supermarket, an Acer, a Packard Bell and I forget the other one, but they ranged in price from €600-700!  Seriously, do they realise there is a sodding recession?  How can they charge 40% more here than they do in the UK?

2.  Orange (the Mobile Phone Company not the colour)

T'husband's Sim Card decided to stop working.  I went to an Orange shop to get a replacement, but they tell me 'no can do', I needed to do it on-line as the phone was purchased on-line.  OK, go on-line, no joy as there doesn't seem to be any options to purchase replacement Sim cards.  Ring Orange, guess what?  I need to buy a replacement card in an Orange shop.  *Sigh*

3.  My PC

Does anyone else have to routinely hoover out their computers because all the components get so blocked with dust that it stops the fans from cooling the computer down?  Leading to the huge piece of junk computer randomly switching itself off every time it gets too hot, usually when you are in the middle of something important.  No?  Just us then!

4.  Woman working at Toy Shop

I was outside the local toyshop at 10 o'clock this morning, waiting patiently for the staff to finish opening up, when one member of staff flicks her half smoked fag over my head before heading into the store.  I was quite stunned.

5.  My Weight

I'd been relatively successful in my campaign to lose weight and had lost 5 kilo, then I went back to England for a few days and have put 2 kilos back on.  I really want to lose another 5 before we go to t'husband's best friend's wedding in mid May, but I doubt I'll be able to do it.

6.  Mango  (the clothes shop not the fruit)

I. AM. NOT. A. SIZE. 14!  In every other clothes shop in the universe I am a 12.

7.  Friday

Usually I love Fridays, even though I only work a few hours a week, it still has that start of the weekend feel for me.  I love going on twitter on Friday evenings, it's a feel good time where everyone is popping the corks for their first glass of weekend wine, or sipping their first gin & tonic and chatting about their plans.  Tonight I will be at a joint 4th birthday party, in case you don't realise how much I dislike children's birthday parties have a look here.

I am going to tag the following miserable sods lovely bloggers to vent their spleens at the world at large.  However, if you feel the need to share your misery then consider yourself tagged, you know what to do...

2 Boys and a Dog
Gappy @ Single Parenthood.  Tales from the Front-line.
Bubbleboo @ The Thought Bubble
Emma In Bromley
Insomniac Mummy


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Gallery - Ugly

I've missed the last couple of weeks of Sticky Finger's Photo Gallery, but I'm back!

Not a particularly uncommon site on the Spanish Costas, however nowadays there is a huge difference.

Before, the buildings were work in progress. Now they are derelict and desserted. A stark reminder if ever we needed one, of the depressing state of the Spanish economy and the greed of both big building companies and the banks that backed them.

The building was started shortly after we moved to the village, nearly four years ago. The front half is fully completed but the back half has just been abandoned. Not one of the 40 apartments have been sold. It's been in this state, frozen in time, for over a year. It isn't the only one in the village, although it is the largest and sadly it's the view from our back roof terrace.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Tunes and a Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been tagged for another couple of memes, seriously do people think I have nothing better to do than sit on my arse and blog all day?  Tut!

The lovely Utterly Scrummy who has a gorgeous family food blog, so much though that I have forgiven her for being one of those vegemite people, has tagged me to come up with my Infinite Playlist. Wow, this was difficult but I reckon I've got it down...

1. Don't You Forget About Me, Simple Minds

I fancied Jim Kerr so much, who'd have thought that not very many years after I was swooning and a mooning over his Smash Hits posters he would go on to marry (and divorce) someone not much older than myself. I never did like that Patsy Kensit one...

2. Mr Tambourine Man, The Byrds

My favourite all time song, ever, ever, in the whole world. Ever! The reason I would love to be able to play guitar. What Bob Dylan wrote the Byrds perfected. I love this song. Fetch me some lurid printed polyester...

3. She Bangs the Drums, Stone Roses

It sounds incredibly cheesy to say that one song changed my life, but this one did. At the very least my social life, my time as a townie was shortlived and the indie chick was born, although I should probably rechristen myself the indie old codger.

4. Jump Around, House of Pain

Thanks to a girlie holiday to Benidorm in my very early twenties I am unable to sing the 'pack it up, pack it in, let me begin' bit without doing it in a strong Yorkshire accent, despite the fact I am from Nottingham. I have somehow managed to rub this trait onto t'husband who whilst being a Yorkshireman is quite a posh boy and has to fake the requisit accent.

5. Words, Bee Gees

Our first dance at our wedding, say no more. I even *sshhh* like the Boyzone version.

I'm going to tag the following people to share with the world their favourite tunes.

DearDullDiary - I will be disappointed if there isn't any Dizzy Rascal in there.
The Sardine Tin - Reckon she's got good taste.
Mommy Has A Headache - Not sure if she does Memes but let's hope so.
Deer Baby - I think we are about the same age so unless she has really odd taste in music, I bet she comes up with some belters.
Tattooed Mummy -   I'm expecting something a bit more leftfield here.

I've also been tagged by my dancing mucker Insomniac Mummy, who has given me the lovely Kreativ Blogger award. I have to share with you 7 things that you probably didn't know about me. It's times like this when you realise just how uninteresting you really are!

The rules are as follows:

1. Copy the award to your blog.
2. Insert a link to the person who nominated you.
3. Share seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before.
4. Nominate seven other bloggers for the award.
5. Link to their blogs.
6. Tell the nominees about their award.

OK, hold tight now, here we go:

1. I never cry at slushy films, actually I don't watch them if I can help it, they tend to make me want to vomit.  I do however, have to really supress the tears whilst watching Masterchef

2. I am incredibly impatient, both in terms of tolerance of people and waiting for things to happen.  It's my worst personality fault.

3. Learning Spanish has bizarrely helped my spelling. It's still rubbish but it used to be so much worse.

4. My singing is so bad that even Joseph can't bear it. I have been known to make myself blush when I actually hear myself sing.

5. My fingernails grow upwards instead of downwards. Freaky fingers.

6. If we don't have another baby this year then I'd like to do an open university course, maybe in Geography or Physcology.

7. I really struggle with memes and secretly wish someone would write one that says 'what's your favourite vegetable' or something equally inane that wouldn't take forever to think about and I wouldn't have to worry about repeating myself.

I'm not going to tag anyone here, because every other post in my reader seems to be this at the moment and because my 'puter keeps randomly shutting down on me without warning. I don't think my patience (see No. 2) could copy and paste 7 links, checking first that they haven't already been tagged etc... Sorry, however if you fancy having a go then just go for it and pretend I tagged you.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things You Don't Expect to See Living in Spain #1


And lots of them.  Brothels are illegal in Spain but operate under a thin veil of being a drinking club and are scattered intermittently along the length and breadth of all the major trunk roads, one of these being the N340 which runs the length of the country along the Mediterranean Coast and the road which our village is located just off.  The brothels are highly visible and are usually lit up in bright neon lights as 'Club 38' or some other random number, I assume that the number is the nearest km marking on the road, although I've not actually checked this.  They are mainly found on the outskirts of towns and not generally in residential areas.

However, peppered in between these brothels are the roadside girls, these are not so much ladies of the night as they can be seen at all hours of the day.  Some of them are very scantily dressed and are a sight to behold and probably responsible for some traffic accidents as drivers rubber neck and do a double take to look at them.  They often work in little gangs, I guess for safety, although a few of the girls who ply their trade near us are usually alone, save for their white plastic chair.
Whilst prostitution itself is legal in Spain, pimping and coercion is most definitely not and this is where the real issue lies.  90% of Spain's working girls are illegal immigrants, coming from South and Central America, Eastern Europe and North Africa.  They are all controlled by criminal gangs and I suspect that most of the girls have been bought here against their will.  Sadly, neither the Spanish Government, or indeed the police at a local level seem to want to do anything about it, soliciting girls are not moved on by the authorities, the police turn a blind eye.

Interestingly the number of working girls around us (you get to recognise a lot of them driving by) seems to have greatly reduced, I'm not sure if that is just because we've had an horrendous winter and even the pimps won't make their girls stand out in 50 kph winds, or because of the appalling economic situation in Spain currently means that there are less punters.  Time will tell I guess, as we move into nicer weather and increased tourism.  Sadly it probably means that the girls are being trafficked somewhere else in the world instead.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Stars of the Silver Screen - who would you do?

I've been tagged by Wilderness Chic at Life, the Universe & All That's In It, with a new meme that's doing the rounds. Apparently I have to share with you some characters from film and TV that I would, you know, do the do with...

So without further ado...

Renton from Trainspotting  (Ewan McGregor)

I don't usually go for heroin addicts with a penchant for diving into disgusting public toilets but I loved Renton, a lot!  I saw Trainspotting twice at the cinema, and this is from someone who can go a whole decade without going to the pictures.  On the rare occasions that illness takes me to my bed I will watch this or another DVD to cheer myself up and ogle.

Which brings me nicely onto my second choice of illness viewing, Brokeback Mountain and the delectable Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Yeah, I know that he'd be more interested in t'husband than me, but hey a girl can dream eh...

The next one is a little bit more dubious, but run with me here. Rocky Balboa  (Sylvester Stallone)

I am quite particular here and it's only in the first Rocky film and especially the bit where he takes the painfully shy pet shop worker back to his place and they have their first kiss.  I really want to be called 'Yo Adrian' and have some brooding muscle man in a singlet standing over me in some grubby apartment.  This Rocky fixation does not in any way carry on into Rocky II, III, IV & V and most definitely not VI. *shudder*

So to the small screen now and the very reason I stopped watching Coronation Street, how very dare they kill off Liam Connor. (Rob James-Collier).  I hope that he appears on our screens soon under some new guise.

Last one and staying in fictional Manchester and Shameless' Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) has recently dabbled as a male escort, well I'd defo chuck him a tenner for his services.

So in accordance with the rules I need to tag some people to share with the blogging world 5 (or more) fictional characters from the large or small screen.

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