Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Momma Challenge - Week 2

Ok, so I've not done very well this week.   I've drunk rather too much wine in a vain attempt to sleep through the local fiesta. Also we've been invited to a couple of fellow ex-pats parties which has involved lots of eating of forbidden carbs and foods smuggled back from England that I have no will power to resist.  Seriously ladies, I cannot walk past a growler (pork pie), I just can't.  I also bizarrely managed to eat a white baguette the other day, of all the process carbs I could eat I manage to choose the one with the highest GI level.

Exercise wise, well, nada!  The scales showed me dead on 69 kilos on Friday morning, I dare not look at what they say today.

On the upside though I have lost 2 kilo's in 2 and a bit weeks and am not (baguette incident aside) finding it too difficult to stick to my 'no carbs after breakfast' rule.  I do need to get my arse into gear and do some exercise though.  I want to lose at least a kilo this week as next week will be very difficult to try and maintain any diet as we're back in Blighty visiting the in-laws, and this means pudding every night!

Good luck ladies this week, hope you've had better success than I.