Friday, July 9, 2010

The World Cup - A Rallying Cry (again, but different this time).

A polite request to my lovely neighbours.  I know that you hate Madrid, all that it stands for and all that comes out of it, but please, you stand on the eve of something truly magical.  I implore you to put away that Argentina shirt, and the Brazil one.  Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow countrymen for this weekend and support Spain.  Let's face it there will more than likely be more Catalans in the starting line up then there will be Spaniards and certainly more Barça players than Real Madrid players, so you can say that Catalunya won the World Cup.  You know a bit like West Ham fans say they won the World Cup back in '66.

I don't want a repeat of Euro '08 where when the final whistle blew you could hear a pin drop in the village.  I want a party.  I want you all to act as though Barcelona are playing in the Champions League final and I want to see you celebrate, car horns blaring and as many youths as you can possibly have hanging out of all the windows, driving round and round the village swigging Cava when you, yes you, win.  I want you all to go out and buy lots of those ridiculously noisy fireworks (and some pretty ones as well please) and a shed load of Estrella cerveza, I appreciate that buying San Miguel is probably pushing it, and get behind your boys.  Come on now, don't let me down.

I want to see the most attractive football team (Puyol aside obviously) who play the most attractive football win.  I want to swig back my Penedès (see I am sticking to Catalan wine) whilst Iniesta,  Pedro, Villa, et al  tiki tack their way through the clog wearing orange people. C'mon Spain.  Viva España or if you prefer Visca Barça!

Carles Puyol, Spain & FC Barcelona