Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time to Shift Some Pounds

Well I'm not pregnant and due to t'husband's work commitments we need to stop trying for a couple of months in case I did fall pregnant and was due at the busiest time of the fishing season.  All this means is that I have no excuse to be carrying the extra weight that I've put on recently.

I've decided to take up the mantle set by Not Supermum and join her on her Big Momma Challenge.  My own personal goal is to get down to 62 Kilos, I could lose more but I am trying to be realistic about what I can actually achieve.  I currently weigh 70, which at 5' 5" puts me in the overweight section and gives me a BMI of 25.

I've found in the past that sticking to a complicated calorie counting diet doesn't work for me,  but eating sensibly and cutting out processed carbs and potatoes, rice, pasta etc, do.  Along with regular exercise and not drinking during the week.   I'll start tomorrow, as all good diets have to start on Monday, it's the law, and I may well be having a celebratory glass of Cava or two tonight if Spain win the World Cup.   I shall post my results, success or failure, each Monday to spur myself on and if you want to join in, then head on over to Not Supermum's and grab yourself a badge.

Wish me luck!