Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guest Post Day

It's been a funny old week but I am feeling rather smug with myself as I have managed to do a Davina workout not once, not twice but three times this week. Go me! The downside of this is that I can barely walk, my butt cheeks are so tender and I realise that somewhere amongst the wobbly bits of my thighs there are actually some muscles, I could do with a Swedish massage or a really good pampering session.

Oh I say, was that the door bell? I wonder who it could be..... Well I never, it's only Geriatric Mummy... fancy seeing you here, come in, pull up a pew*. Fancy a brew? We can get English tea out here now you know? What brings you round these parts? You heard my plight, wow the powers of the internet....

A Bath Bomb Recipe…and An Introduction to Essential Oils

When I volunteered myself to do a guest post it seemed like a good idea. Then it dawned on me that I needed to write a post suitable for posting on someone else’s blog. It then suddenly seemed a very scary idea. The problem is, you see, that my own blog, is a bit of a journal type affair. I post about what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling, and what I’ve been doing. Whilst this kind of works on my own blog, to do a one off post in this vein just wouldn’t be the same. After much fretting, sighing and rolling of eyes I decided to fall back on my training as an aromatherapist and do a bit of a ‘crafty’ style post…and here it is.

This is something you can make with little ones, and can be used by, and will be loved by, little ones, mums, aunts, grandma’s…It’s quick, easy, relatively mess free to make and requires very little equipment. The result will be an inexpensive little bit of luxury. It’s not an original idea, but is slightly different from the normal ‘recipes’ and, to my mind, is much better for it.

The basic recipe is as follows:-

1 tbsp citric acid powder
3 tbsp bicarbonate of soda
10 drops essential oil, either one, or a blend of two or three
1 tsp plant-based oil (any vegetable type oil, sunflower, almond

In a dry glass bowl, mix the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda together. Add the essential oil along with the vegetable oil. Mix everything together with a metal spoon.

To shape your bath bombs you can use anything…ice cube trays, yogurt pots, even cookie cutters. To do this, place a cookie cutter on top of a sheet of baking paper. Put the mixture into the cutter and press down with the back of the spoon. The oil now needs to evaporate so the bomb can set - leave for a minimum of 30 minutes and preferably overnight. The bigger the bomb you are making, the longer it will take to set, so if in doubt leave overnight.

This will give you a basic, aromatherapy bath bomb. If you would like to be more adventurous you can add edible glitter (half a teaspoon) and/or dried herbs/flowers. To do this, pre heat your oven to 180C and turn it off. Hang a few herb sprigs upside down in the oven to dry for about 2 hours. When dry, remove the flowers/leaves from the stalks and add to the mix just before the oil (you may need a little extra oil). WARNING don’t do as I have done and forget to turn the oven off before putting the herbs in. Charred herbs are not so good.

The only thing to be wary of is avoiding contact with any water, until you want to use them obviously ;-) Keep everything dry whilst making them, and store them in an airtight container.

Now, for anyone unfamiliar with essential oils, a little bit of info to help you choose which ones to use. Different oils have different chemical properties, which affect us in different ways. They are all made of very small molecules which can pass through the skin into the bloodstream and also, of course, through inhalation. Only essential oils, and not fragrance oils (which are purely chemicals) will have a useful effect. So, which ones to choose?

As there are so many essential oils to choose from I have selected a few of the most useful child friendly oils as an introduction…

Lavender – If you think you don’t like this smell, the chances are you’ve only experienced the fake chemical version. Don’t be put off. This is a fantastic, versatile oil and every home should have a bottle. Use for colds, coughs, burns, bites, catarrh, sinusitis, skin problems, sleep problems…the list is endless. Instils feelings of calm.

Chamomile –Useful for skin problems, tummy upsets and sleep problems.

Benzoin – Smells similar to vanilla and is very warming. Useful for calming the digestive system, and for coughs, colds, sore throats. Another relaxing oil.

Mandarin – Useful for all sorts of tummy upsets…constipation, diarrhoea, cramps, wind. Is also a cheery, uplifting oil.

Tea Tree – One I’m sure everyone has heard of. Great for any kind of infections..coughs, colds, flu, nappy rash…and bites, burns and stings. The smell is quite pungent and stimulating however so not one to use at bedtime.

A quick word of warning. Essential oils should not be taken by mouth, and generally should not be applied to the skin undiluted. In this recipe the essential oils are diluted by the addition of the vegetable oil so can be added to your bath with no worries.

So, there we have it. Why not have a go, and try one to help with your little one’s bedtime routine. Or maybe even make some for Mothers Day ?

Wow, thanks GM. I shall be running a bath immediately, I don't suppose you've got any of those oils with you? If you are interesting in learning more about holistic health and wellbeing then pop on over to Geriatric Mummy's other blog Nature's Panacea.

This has been a Guest Post, of which there will be many circulating the blogosphere today. The wonderful idea of Erica @ (she said not to link back but I'm going to be disobedient). My wonderful guest today was Geriatric Mummy who can also be found on twitter as @geriatricmummy. Please go and visit her wonderful blog, it's an honest and sometimes heart wrenching journal with some very good health and frugal menu planning ideas thrown in for good measure, oh and there might be a post on there from me. Geriatric Mummy In her own words...

Geriatric Mummy became a first time mummy (with a little help from a very nice clinic in London) in Oct 2008, aged 39. My little Star arrived by elective c-section at 9.26 one Friday morning and has been shining brightly ever since. I see my job as Star's mummy to polish and protect him and give him the confidence to shine brightly for all his days...

Before the arrival of Star I ran my own business, working from home as a qualified aromatherapist, reflexologist, indian head massage and reiki practitioner. I also studied EFT and nutrition extensively, and am a qualified beauty therapist. Geriatric Mummy became a first time mummy (with a little help from a very nice clinic in London) in Oct 2008, aged 39. My little Star arrived by elective c-section at 9.26 one Friday morning and has been shining brightly ever since. I see my job as Star's mummy to polish and protect him and give him the confidence to shine brightly for all his days...

*thanks to the many tweeters last night (too many to mention) who informed me of the correct way to spell pew. xx