Friday, September 18, 2009

I spy with my little eye something beginning with J

I am sitting at my ‘puter humming the James Bond theme tune, getting louder when I reach the ‘dun-na dun-na na’ bit for emphasis. Yes I have taken up espionage, what could possibly be so exciting in a little rural village attached to vast plains of rice fields you ask? Well? Nothing really just my son at school! The sound of a needle being scratched across a record is now very audible in my head (and yours probably). Yes, I have taken to spying on my son.

First it was purely by accident-ish, I’d been shopping and happened to arrive back home and notice it was playtime so I casually and kerb-crawler slowly drove past the school to get a glimpse of J. I did see him but he looked a little bit sad playing on his own in the gravel. Oh no, my poor boy! I then did the same in the afternoon and again the next morning. Worried that I might get myself arrested or something, although there probably isn’t a law against it I’d surely be a bit of a laughing stock amongst the more hardened Catalan Mamas, I needed to find another way to see what was happening.

As luck would have it I discovered that if I stand on my balcony, at the very edge on the right hand side then I can see the last 3rd of the school playground some 250 metres up the road and also the very classroom door that J is sat behind from 9 till 12 and again from 3 till 5. So there I am at playtime, which incidentally seems to last a long time 10.45 to 11.30, getting the occasional flash of orange hair and whatever clothing ensemble he is wearing that day. I find myself willing him up the top end of the playground so I might be able to judge whether or not he is having a good time. My mission is somewhat flawed by my inability to see that far due to my shortsightedness and the fact that t’husband takes the binoculars to work with him. *Note to self – sneak binos out of t’husband’s rucksack when he’s not looking*.

I know that J is enjoying school, he goes in fine and unlike some of his classmates who wail and cling onto their Mamas for dear life, J just kisses me and skips off to join the back of his snakelike queue for his class. When I pick him up he’s full of the joys of spring and bragging about pee-peeing on the toilet (quite whether this is true or not remains to be proven) so is the spying necessary? No of course it’s not, but I can’t help it, maybe because it's too easy to! Oh well, only 3 years until he moves up to the next school which is further along the road and definitely out of view from any point in my apartment, I know, I've already checked.


  1. OMG! Totally LMAO!

    I'm sure when he moves schhols there is some kind of surveillance device you could employ ;).


  2. Hehe.. Made me giggle! One day your be able to tell him about the days you spied on him! :)

    There's a award over at mine for you! x

  3. Hehehe. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing I'd end up doing.

    I'm intrigued as to why your husband is taking binoculars to work with him. Private investigator? Professional bird spotter? God I'm nosey! Maybe he's spying on you as you watch your son :)

  4. I do the kerb crawling, too! I love observing my children when they don't know I'm looking. They behave so very differently sometimes.