Thursday, September 10, 2009

Awards and Memes

Well I say, I am somewhat overwhelmed, it's only my second week of blogging and I have been given the Good Read award not once, but twice and been tagged for a Meme. Woo hoo! Not sure what I'm doing right but I'll carry on...

So firstly the thank-yous to Insomniac Mummy and Really Rachel for bestowing such an honour on me and to The Dotterel over at Bringing Up Charlie for tagging me for my first meme. Not sure if I've answered in the correct manner but hey ho, I'm new to all this!

Secondly, I'll tackle the Meme which co-incidentally is about 2nd things...

1. your second boy/girlfriend?

Darren R, he had a dodgy eye that looked in the opposite direction to his other, he dumped me for an extremely obese girl who did rude things with a hairspray can (allegedly)

2. Your second day at school?

Far too long ago, can’t even remember my first.

3. who your second best-friend was?

Sarah T, we drank, we smoked, we shoplifted, we told our mothers we were staying at each other’s houses but camped out in the local fields – with boys. We got caught obviously, doing all of the above and subsequently spent most of our teenage years grounded.

4. the second LP that you bought?

Probably something by Soft Cell, I think I was a bit of a weird child.

5. the second house you lived in?

A lovely little terrace on James Street.

6. the second car you drove?

A very clapped out brown thing, can’t remember the make but it was old.

7. your second-favourite band?

Currently? Hmmm…. Vampire Weekend

8. the second-best book you ever read?

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

9. your second-favourite film?

Grease! Was going to say something high brow or at least Oscar worthy but I’d only be lying to myself.

10. your second-favourite blog?

Why yours of course. (The Dotterel)

Thirdly comes the 10 things about me which seem to be on a 'happy' theme, Insomniac Mummy wrote of 10 simple things that make her happy and Really Rachel talks of 10 random happy memories. I am also going to change it slightly and list 10 things about me that make me happy about myself, as I think we are all too quick to pull ourselves down and we need to reflect more on our good points.

1. I am a very, very good listener and think I give good impartial and non-judgemental advice.

2. I laugh a lot, I think you need to find humour in pretty much everything, it really helps you get through the shitty times.

3. I'm a rather good cook.

4. I don't suffer fools gladly. I am unable to be two-faced. T'husband thinks that this is a flaw in my character as it doesn't always make me the most people friendly person, but so what! I can't be doing with being false, what's the point?

5. I love knitting, it's a great way to relax and you get something at the end of it.

6. I'm a good person to have on your Trivial Pursuit team, a good all rounder I'd say with no particularly cheese colour favoured.

7. I can tell a Sauvignon Blanc from a Chardonnay by smell alone.

8. I can eat stupidly hot curries.

9. I am quite a balanced person, I think I take life in my stride and don't get carried away with highs and lows, I've also got quite a thick skin which probably helps.

10. I am loving my new pregnant breasts.

So finally, to pass it on. This week I have mostly been reading these lovely blogs so would like them to have a Good Read award...

Brit in Bosnia, loving her work blogging both as a mummy and a fellow ex-pat.

Secret Diaries of a Wannabe Yummy Mammy, everyone should read her blog if you haven't already, something must be able to be done about her plight

Me, the Man & the Baby, a great blog and a rather nice picture on Monday.

The Bump Wear Project - me thinks I shall be reading you a lot in the coming months.


  1. Seriously? You can do the sports questions?

  2. For sure, although Football ones mostly, and oh boxing 'cos 9 times out of 10 the answer is Mohammed Ali....

  3. Great answers. You realise, though, that we all want to know precisely what rude things Darren's girlfriend got up to with that aerosol... Isn't life unfair?!

  4. PS: is it really only your second week of blogging???

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You will just have to use your imagination re the hair spray can!!!

    Yep, just 2 weeks in...

  7. Loved your answers :).

    I know exactly nothing about wine. I am so not cultured.

  8. Love the answers. Really - you've only been blogging for 2 weeks? Great going!

    I shall place on my mantle piece and shall pass on soon! x

  9. Loved reading your answers, you're very popular I tagged you when I did the Great Read meme too! I like these things as you can find out all sorts of nosey stuff about other people.

  10. Great answers! All wine smells the same to me(!) Thanks for taking part :o)

  11. An award for you at mine.

    PS - I reckon I'm pretty good at Trivial pursuits, even the sports questions. Comes from playing the same edition for coming up 30 years.

  12. Now I want to know all your firsts, but I am terribly nosey!

    Well done on the blog bling.

  13. Am I allowed to ask what a Meme is, anyway?

  14. Aww.. Thank You Ever so Much!! That's made my day!! :) xx